Food Safety And Quality Policy
Ruhunu is strive to be recognized as high quality Spices & Cereals product manufacturer, later engaged with value added fruit & vegetable products. We also strongly believe that food safety can be assured through the combined effort of all parties participating in the food chain. Strong management commitment is shown through the provision of required infrastructure facilities, equipment and human resources with proper training.

Food Safety Management System is implemented with the support of appropriate documentation and records. We consider the operational internal and external issues, risks, and opportunities related to the product quality and safety in order to fulfill the needs and expectation of our interested parties. Proper internal and external communication has been established within the system.

All identified hazard are controlled through the implementation of hygiene control operations and HACCP plans, conforming statutory, legal and regulatory requirements in order to produce safe & authentic products to mutually agreed food safety requirements of customers and consumers.

Implementation of the Food Safety Management System is checked periodically through planned verification and Management reviews with a view to improve the system. Food Safety Management System is periodically updated.